Recently retired, we are looking forward to everything that time of life promises. . . lazy days and busy days. we both enjoy what we call “Low Adventure,” which is the kind that makes people say, “Oh WOW! You’re doing THAT?” but doesn’t make US say, “OH NO-O-O-O-O!”

So we’re moving aboard our boat, Aqua Vitae, and heading south down the ICW (IntraCoastal Waterway). We know that every day will bring new experiences, even if it’s a day of rest at a lovely anchorage or tied up at a marina. Our plan is to go slowly, so we can enjoy every taste and experience, and this blog is a way for us to share some of that with you.

Hans is from Denmark, and retired from United Airlines after 25 years as an Airline Mechanic. He trained on the tall ship Danmark as a young man, and was a merchant mariner for 18 months, so he’s been all over the world. He lived in Greenland (at that time a county of Denmark) for 9 years, and Indonesia for four and a half years. He has a daughter, son and daughter-in-law, and two beautiful grandsons.

Peggy is from Long Island — although she hopes that’s not obvious in her accent. She learned to sail when she was 12 at the Mecox Bay Yacht Club in Bridgehampton. There she sailed the club boat with her twin sister Kathy. . . one of them would bail, the other would sail. It was a coup when they didn’t come in last in the fleet races! Peggy taught art for 13 years, and signed on as a part-time typesetter trainee at Sir Speedy Printing in Gaithersburg, Maryland when her Masters Degree kept her from being employed in Montgomery County, Maryland. She has owned Sir Speedy Printing in Rockville, Maryland, since 1994.

Traveling with us is our boat dog, Naja (pronounced Niya, it is Greenlandic for “little sister.”) Naja loves the boat, although she’s not entirely sure about this business of staying aboard for days on end with no grass in sight.

We bought Aqua Vitae, a 1986 Albin 43′ TC trawler in 2002, with the dream of some day doing what we are doing now. . . cruising full time and exploring the East Coast.

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  1. I am so ooooo jealous of you two……your blog is awesome……go down around the horn and come up the Baja and meet us in San Diego lol ulla

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