Moving Aboard

Packed to the max. . . or is it?So. . . I’m guessing that ONLY a “fulltime cruiser” will understand how very small a 43 foot boat really is.

We have a V-Berth (at the bow, which is the pointy end of the boat), designed to accommodate guests in two ever-narrowing berths that end up with our guests very definitely playing footsie. We have a forward head (“bathroom,” in non-boating language) which has only a toilet and sink, for the comfort of our guests, because we prefer that our guests enjoy the tub/shower in the master stateroom (TRUE LUXURY!)

So the V-Berth is stacked high with. . . Carlsberg Beer, Diet Coke, Dog Food/treats, several (!!!) big bottles of Appleton Estate Rum,  and bedding for prospective guests (if they can find it. . . ). The Forward Head (remember, this is the guest toilet and sink) has Stoli Vodka (several big bottles), more Appleton Estate Run,  several half gallon bottles of some kind of toilet cleaner (tell me, is this reassuring??)

We’ve spent hours trying to tie down, or hide, or find space for. . . anything that can become a missile, or slide and fall, or break itself or something else as it gets rocked or rolled. TOMORROW, Sunday, we head out. The weather forecast is not ideal.  This is the beginning of our Adventure. (I remind you all that it’s supposed to be “LOW ADVENTURE!”)

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