Overnight in Fernandina Beach

No pictures here folks, just experience. . . Tonight we are in Fernandina Beach for the second night, and we are definitely rockin’ and rollin’. The Florida Cruising Guide talks about seeing 3 foot+ seas in here, and I’m telling you I am a believer. I know we’ve seen over two feet, and when that’s coming at you from an inlet into a dock, ya gotta believe. (Here’s a question: when I get to shore will my body adjust to NO MOTION instead of CONSTANT MOTION??)

 Hans got up three times last night to add stern lines. I’m listening to the lines tonight and I hear sawing. Hope there are more lines where we need them, in all the right places. Thank you Hans.


5 thoughts on “Overnight in Fernandina Beach

  1. Brenda and I visited last February, the temps were in the 80’s but the wind at the marina was south at 40+ knots. Be safe getting on and off Aqua Vitae.

    • Last time we were there was 11 years ago when we bought the boat and were bringing it north, and it was super windy then too. . . Do you suppose it’s ALWAYS blowing in Fernandina Beach??

    • Yes, we are on the way to Marathon and I hope you guys DO IT next year! And please start earlier than we did (Sunday after Thanksgiving is probably later than you’d like. . . ) It’s been amazing! We are home now in Maryland for 10 days or so for the holidays, then back to the boat for the next chapter. . .
      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, a wonderful New Year, and. . . CONGRATULATIONS CHUCK!!!!!

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