Stuck in the Cold and Wind

We left Solomons, Maryland after being there almost a week, thanks to our wonderful friends Nancy and Ted. Our trip to Deltaville, Virginia went smoothly, always the best kind, and we had a peaceful night at the Deltaville Marina.  The area is quiet and picturesque.ImageImage

Getting in and out of that little Creek is “interesting.”Image

The first time we did it was about 6 or 7 years ago, and following an overnight there I was driving the boat, exiting the creek. Somehow I missed the last green mark at the dog leg (I’ve marked it with a green circle here), where it turns right to return to the Bay. And ran aground. (Hans has never let me forget this. . . ) So leaving there on Friday morning I was driving the boat. And yep, somehow I missed the last green mark at the dog leg, and ran aground AGAIN. For SURE Hans will never let me forget it, and from now on, when leaving Deltaville I’m going to let him drive!

It’s always an interesting ride through Portsmouth, with all the military stuff going on. There was a supply ship coming in from the Atlantic and we sort of crossed paths a couple of times getting situated. Interesting stuff! And of course we passed several aircraft carriers. They are huge!


We pulled into Top Rack Marina in Chesapeake Virginia at about 2:15, fueled up, and got our slip assignment. Image

We are next to a 60 foot Romsdal boat. It’s gorgeous, although Hans says the inside is “tight,” with narrow doors and passageways. It was built in 1960 or 1961, and the people who own it are permanent liveaboards.Image

This is not a glamorous or picturesque place, but it’s “relatively inexpensive” and we knew we were going to wait out the coming gale force winds here. Monday morning we will go through a bridge and then the Great Bridge Lock at about 7 am, continuing on our way south. In the meantime, after a lovely Saturday, Sunday has been about 30 degrees, blowing 25-30 knots with gusts of 40. It’s cold. The groaning of the lines holding us to the dock is unnerving, and we’re running out of bread and milk. . .

Although Top Rack Marina has about a dozen transient slips (and invites visits with promise of free dockage with dinner at their very good Amber Lantern Restaurant), it is primarily for smaller boats. There is a humongous building with stacks of little “cubbies” that hold boats up to about 30 feet. Instead of having a home slip, these boaters simply call up and ask that their boat be launched, and the fork lift takes them out of the cubby and deposits them in the water.Image

We’ve been watching a number of them being winterized and put away until spring. . . on a day like today, I think that’s what I would prefer to be doing.

8 thoughts on “Stuck in the Cold and Wind

  1. I love your blog. Makes me wish I was there. As for missing the green mark and running aground, now it’s Hans’ turn. If he doesn’t make the same mistake, it’ll be another one. Hope you two have a safe trip south.

    • Not so sure you would want to be here tonight. . . it’s C O L D !!!
      I’m thinking I might just want to be at home in front of the fireplace instead of here. . .
      And yes, I will indeed give Hans an opportunity to go aground. Long as there’s no damage and we get off without an issue, it’s all okay, right? 😀
      And thanks for following us!

  2. In case you didn’t know this trick – you can put a little dish soap on the lines to reduce the creaking. Dampen them a bit first if they’re very dry.

    So glad to hear that you’re in true “cruising mode”!

    And tell Hans to forget the Webasto – you can buy a second, smaller generator for the same cost… and once you get rid of the house you can head south earlier in the season and avoid the cold. You can also buy a lot of diesel for your gen for the cost of a Webasto – we spent a little over $10K just for the parts. Unless you need heat while underway or on the hook for a significant chunk of a season, it’s not worth it.

    Happy trails heading south. I hope you get somewhere nice for Thanksgiving… we’ve had a nice few in Morehead City – quiet, but it’s a nice stop. Maybe Oriental? We’ve only been there by car.

    Love, rr

    • DISH SOAP! Who knew? Thanks for the tip — I hope we don’t need that trick in the future, although I’m sure we will. Right now we’re only having 13-20 knot winds which are much quieter, in ALL ways! Still cold, but we’ve dredged up our little cube heater to augment the aging reverse cycle heat in the stateroom, just in case.
      Your advice on the Webasto is no surprise, I’ll let him read this, from Robin’s lips to Hans’s ears!

      Thanks for following us!

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