Camp Lejeune Anchorage

Thursday, December 5

Can you tell I’m playing catch up with the blog? Here’s the deal: We have internet access on the boat but are limited in the amount of information we can upload or download. We try to keep the photos in the blog at a good quality level (have you tried clicking on any of the photos? They get larger so you can see just that on your screen. High resolution, or almost.) Most of the marinas we’ve stayed at “have internet access.” Let me explain. Most of the time “Internet Access” means you can SEE their signal, but either it is so weak you can’t sign on, or it drops almost immediately. So I save it up and send it when I can.

There was still fog as we left Morehead City but not major.Image

This section of the ICW seems to be less picturesque than many others, with many areas of straight channel. Image


Much of it runs through Camp Lejeune. . . there are periodic closings for a variety of reasons.Image

We arrived fairly early at our chosen anchorage, Mile Hammock Bay, which is actually in Camp Lejeune. It was obvious that some of the people who have access to the base enjoy the leisure activities available in the area.Image

We shared the anchorage with four sail boats, and had a beautiful sunset. Ah-h-h-h-h. . . .Image

6 thoughts on “Camp Lejeune Anchorage

    • I am usually notified when someone posts a reply to the blog, as I was for this one. As for changing your name, I have no idea! Maybe sign up for a new notification e-mail? I don’t find WordPress friendly, and am always lucky just to get the thing up there, so I don’t know all the ins and outs by any means!

  1. Thanks for sharing. You pictures are Wonderful! As is the text that accompanies them. I am so enjoying your travels vicariously.


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