Aqua Vitae at the Free Dock in Portsmouth


Aqua Vitae at the Free Dock in Portsmouth

Aqua Vitae at the Free Dock in Portsmouth

My frustration with WordPress continues. . . nowhere does it say “Save,” so if you click out of a screen too early it’s just simply gone! Also, it seems to me that the placement of the photos should be more manageable. I’d love to make it EASIER for the viewer. . . and DEFINITELY for me!

Being in Portsmouth is truly being in the south. . . take a look at this monument:To Our Confederate Dead

We didn’t leave Portsmouth yesterday until around 2 pm, as we were waiting for FedEx to arrive at the Mile Marker 0 Marine Store — a wonderfully cooperative owner, Bob, will help with just about anything I think!

South of Portsmouth on the Elizabeth River is mile after mile of huge structures, not pretty, but interesting, and several bridges that are too low for us to go under unless they are raised. It slows the trip, but we’re okay with that. There is also one lock, at Great Bridge, which raised us one foot to meet the water level of the remainder of the Virginia Cut.

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