In Ft. Lauderdale

We stayed at the Las Olas Municipal Marina at the foot of the Las Olas Boulevard bridge. 01 Las Olas Marina 401 Las Olas BridgeJust two blocks to the beach, convenient to all the restaurants and dives of the “boardwalk” area, 01 Las Olas Marina it’s a beautiful marina, clean (no bird droppings on the docks — WOW!!) with security, scenery, an amazing laundry facility (don’t laugh — this is a cruiser’s priority!), recycling (we’ve found that a rarity in marinas, believe it or not) and a really great place to walk the dog. We were rubbing shoulders with The Big Boys there: “Bookends,” which seems to be permanently waiting with her 8 person crew for any command from the owner, is 163’ long.

One of the "Big Boys!"

One of the “Big Boys!”

The Lazarra (perhaps the world’s fanciest yacht, and very likely the most expensive) that was at the end of our dock was at least that big, and the one that replaced it was over 200’ long. So we’re not one of the big boys, we’re a little guy, very, VERY little, at 43’. We were certainly the dirtiest, still carrying some of the Baltimore grime, and the most loaded down with evident “stuff,” like bikes and kayaks — the Big Boys all have garages for their “stuff.”
We discovered that the piper who greeted us on our first night here does a regular performance on the on the other side of the bridge just before sunset. It was wonderful!01 The Piper
We walked every day to the “Boardwalk” area, really just the retail area across the street from the beach, and saw the sights.
A1A, this is "the main drag"

A1A, this is “the main drag”

Bars, restaurants, shops and people. Sitting with “2-4-1” drinks (buy one drink and get the other free) Bloody Mary and Mimosa, or with a little snack


(these were awesome!) the people watching was fabulous. You cannot imagine who believes they can wear a bikini. You would not believe who thinks they are still some young thang because they can still fit into it, whatever “it” is. There is a point in aging when “slender” turns to “scrawny,” and it is just as scrawny when blessed with a tan as not. And because you were once a young buck with long hair, a tan, a fancy fedora and a stogie, does NOT mean that you can carry it off today!
The two gentlemen sitting on the wall over by the beach . . . one is Peter, the other is Pan. Pan is the one with the fedora and stogie.

The two gentlemen sitting on the wall over by the beach . . . one is Peter, the other is Pan. Pan is the one with the fedora and stogie.

This wonderful sculpture is made of empty plastic bottles — what a great way to recycle! — and it is lit with LED lights at night.
Ft. Lauderdale Fish

Ft. Lauderdale Fish

On Sunday, our last day there, we stopped in at our favorite ice cream place. It’s a “pump your own,” sorbet, low fat yogurt, soft serve ice cream, and everything in between. Lots of flavors. . . pistachio, red velvet, cookies and cream, vanilla, peanut butter, cake batter, peach mango. . . you get the idea. In case you can’t decide which to choose, the guy behind the counter comes out with these little paper “pill cups,” and an offer to let you taste whatever flavor you might like to try. Gotta tell you, taste ‘em, pump ‘em, and you are in possession of delicious flavors worthy of a return trip.
Ice Cream and People Watching

Ice Cream and People Watching

All yummy! But WAIT! There’s MORE!!! Sit on the shady bench outside the ice cream place to savor your choice, and just watch. . .

3 thoughts on “In Ft. Lauderdale

  1. Hey guys, this was really cool to see, as Donna and I are going on a Cruise to the eastern Caribbean in February. The ship leaves out of Ft. Lauderdale!! We will be walking the same beach soon. Glad to see you are having such a great time! As ever Carrie

    • If at ALL POSSIBLE, try to plan an extra day or two in Ft. Lauderdale! It’s a real scene, festive, light-hearted, delicious. . . and I want to know where all of the young people are from. Isn’t there SCHOOL anymore?
      Enjoy the cruise, we saw the ships all waiting to leave.
      Thanks for following our blog!

  2. Phil wants to know how Hans and his Speedo fit in….

    This all looks great, but….. Where will you watch the Inauguration tomorrow?


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