Jew Point Dawn on Card Sound

ImageThis was a spectacular dawn on our first night out. . . as you can see we shared the anchorage with one other very distant boat.

Yes, we’ve left Marathon, and are on our slow way back north. Our Marathon winter was wonderful, and we’ll be doing it again.  I’m afraid our blog has suffered while we were there. It’s been over two months since we’ve posted, and while I have a lot of photos and thoughts I’ve put into the blog folder on my laptop, that’s where they remain.

I’m going to try to pull together what I have and post new entries in the next week or two, but for now we will tell you that our Jew Point anchorage at the bottom of Card Sound was about as perfect as you can get for the first night on this part of our journey.

3 thoughts on “Jew Point Dawn on Card Sound

  1. Great photos! The Babes are sooooooo looking forward to having you home!
    We have gone back to Tara Asia on Babe Night, because they still have the best martinis.

    Love you and miss you, can’t wait to see you.

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